Marilyn Lammert

Marilyn is a trained and experienced psychotherapist, with Gestalt therapy as her guiding theory. Marilyn is offering experiential consultation groups as well as coaching & consultation for mental health professionals.      read more…

Current Group Offerings

Exploring Spirituality in Clinical Work
Starting Date: Friday, March 2, 2018      read more…

Exploring Spirituality in Clinical Work

The Exploring Spirituality in Clinical Work Series provides an opportunity for therapists to raise and consider together issues of spirituality in their work. We will draw on relevant experiential approaches as part of the consultation process. The therapists’ spirituality will be included, which may or may not have been central to the therapist or their work up to this point. Participation in this group is a rewarding way to enhance and expand your professional work. read more…

Coaching and Consultation

Coaching and consultation helps you feel grounded as you move from one step to the next.

I have helped individuals and groups:

  • Find their unique way to preserve their “self” as they are confronted with demands of work and life
  • Move forward in their career
  • Establish and grow their network
  • Establish and maintain peer supervision/consultation groups and other groups

— Together we’ll identify your strengths and unique style and build upon these while identifying the skills you need.
— We’ll use positive approaches to help you with tough situations.
— Becoming aware of the patterns that interfere will open the way to move forward.
— We will focus on the whole—seeking out particularly the wisdom you may not be aware of but which resides in each person.


“I liked and found helpful so many things about the group. I liked the structure of the group (and the flexibility within the structure): check-in, sharing cases, comments by Marilyn and group members, and then often the therapists switching roles. I loved the content of our discussions–perspectives, themes, insights and tools that we learned– and found it all very engaging and helpful for my own work as well as for my understanding of people and of clinical social work. I loved the atmosphere of vibrancy and respect and depth and commitment to our clients that we had in our group.”    Lauren Mervis, LGSW

Marilyn has a great passion for Mental Health Training and Consultation especially with individuals who are early in their career. In this work she helps clinicians understand how personal style affects work life, how to find a satisfying career, and how to build a network of peers (including peer consultation groups). I have been working with her for several months to carve out my private practice work and map out my long-term goals. Marilyn has some fantastic ideas and insight into these unique challenges. Moreover she has really helped me identify and utilize my strengths, making my clinical work less challenging and more rewarding for both me and my clients.”       Sarah Shafer Berger, PhD