Experiential Consultation Group

Experiential Consultation Group
Marilyn Lammert, ScD, LCSW-C
Begins: TBD

NOTE: This group series has a focus in common with the Experiential Approaches To Psychotherapy Series: an opportunity for consultation through the presenting of clients and issues. Consultation occurs through a group process with opportunities to try out different ways to work with clients.


Experiential approaches in consultation groups insure getting quickly to the heart of issues. The group provides opportunities to try out and practice different ways to work with clients and other work issues. This occurs through learning from the presentation of one’s own and others’ clients and work issues, experienced in the safety and sharing of the group.

Participants report appreciating:

  • Being able to tune into their own feelings and experience
  • Encouragement to try things which may feel uncomfortable but ultimately are experienced as very helpful
  • Understanding their client’s experience — the depth and physical embodiment of the client (one of the experiential approaches used)
  • Approaching things differently, from a new perspective
  • Learning from other’s cases and experience
  • The safety and the sharing in the group

Attention will be paid to ethical considerations when using experiential approaches.

About Marilyn Lammert

Marilyn Lammert, ScD, LCSW-C is an experiential psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer with almost 40 years of clinical experience. She has worked with a variety of client populations in addition to being on the full time graduate social work faculty for 15 years at Washington University, University of Maryland and Catholic University. She has trained, supervised and coached all levels of mental health professionals: MSWs, PhDs, PsyDs, LPCs, and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners and is a Maryland Approved Supervisor as well as a Maryland BSWE approved Category 1 Sponsor.

Dr. Lammert has extensive training in Gestalt Therapy, a holistic, growth-oriented and relational psychotherapy. This training and her deeply rooted spirituality, combined with her early professional work in community organizations and with leading groups of all kinds throughout her career, form the foundation for her creativity and her commitment to groups learning and growing together.

Feedback from a previous participant:
“I am looking forward to continuing to talk about ways to set boundaries with carrying work home with us.”


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Marilyn Lammert
Marilyn Lammert
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