Experiential Approaches to Psychotherapy Group

Experiential Approaches to Psychotherapy Group Series
Marilyn Lammert, ScD, LCSW-C
Begins: TBD
20 MD Cat. 1 CEUs

This Series is particularly aimed at those who want to learn about and try out experiential approaches to use in their practice, while receiving MD Cat. 1 CEUs.


Through didactic and experiential instruction, live demonstration, structured small group exercises, and feedback/discussion, participants will experience and practice a range of experiential approaches.

Participants will have opportunities to practice the approaches they are learning through theirs and other group members’ presenting of clients. As part of the group process, participants will have the opportunity to brainstorm ways they can apply these approaches in their work with clients and will receive grounding in the philosophy of experiential methods as well as observing demonstrations of the power of these methods. An article to read over the month between sessions will be suggested.

The experiential methods taught can be incorporated into a wide range of clinical styles, including psychodynamic, cognitive- behavioral, and solution-focused. The material is applicable for individual, couples, family, and groups.

Attention will be paid to ethical considerations when using experiential approaches.

About Marilyn Lammert

Marilyn Lammert, ScD, LCSW-C is an experiential psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer with almost 40 years of clinical experience. She has worked with a variety of client populations in addition to being on the full time graduate social work faculty for 15 years at Washington University, University of Maryland and Catholic University. She has trained, supervised and coached all levels of mental health professionals: MSWs, PhDs, PsyDs, LPCs, and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners and is a Maryland Approved Supervisor as well as a Maryland BSWE approved Category 1 Sponsor.

Dr. Lammert has extensive training in Gestalt Therapy, a holistic, growth-oriented and relational psychotherapy. This training and her deeply rooted spirituality, combined with her early professional work in community organizations and with leading groups of all kinds throughout her career, form the foundation for her creativity and her commitment to groups learning and growing together.

“The group process was collaborative, supportive, thoughtful, and helpful in making me a better therapist. Marilyn also had a lot of really great suggestions. I liked the way we switched roles, to get into the client in such an empathetic and embodied way.” Deena Goldsmith, LCSW-C


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Marilyn Lammert
Marilyn Lammert
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