Exploring Spirituality in Clinical Work

Exploring Spirituality in Clinical Work Series
Marilyn Lammert, ScD, LCSW-C
Begins: March 2, 2018

The Exploring Spirituality in Clinical Work Series provides an opportunity for therapists to raise and consider together issues of spirituality in their work. We will draw on relevant experiential approaches as part of the consultation process. The therapists’ spirituality will be included, which may or may not have been central to the therapist or their work up to this point.

Participation in this group is a rewarding way to enhance and expand your professional work.

This consultation group has as its focus exploring spirituality in clinical work. This is a pilot effort for a possible ongoing group. It will meet mid day on Fridays for 2 hours starting in early March, near Bala Station in Bala Cynwyd. The cost will be $50/session.

Spirituality can be difficult to define. I think it includes not only religious points of view but also various practices and sources of meaning. In this group, the therapists’ spirituality will be included, whether or not that has been central to the therapist or their work up to this point.

I believe spirituality to be relational at its core and central to our wholeness. It is part of ongoing, deep work for both therapist and client within their relationship. It is not separate from clinical work in my view. I have worked from this perspective with clients for many years, working in the ‘between’ with what is present in ourselves, in our client, and in the ‘between’.

Although ‘spiritual’ is hard to define analytically, I have a good sense of when it’s present, how to respond and how it can be used constructively. I believe I can help you do the same.

“The group process was collaborative, supportive, thoughtful, and helpful in making me a better therapist. Marilyn also had a lot of really great suggestions. I liked the way we switched roles, to get into the client in such an empathetic and embodied way.” Deena Goldsmith, LCSW-C

Participants may bring client situations with which they would like help, their questions about themselves as they work with clients, or anything else related to the focus of the group. We will talk about how to approach spirituality with clients, how and when to share about ourselves, how to integrate spirituality into our work. Anything else that arises from our being together is ‘grist for the mill.’ My orientation is Gestalt and our work together will be rooted in this framework. I am familiar with other orientations as well.

I envision a group of 5 or 6, meeting once initially, and, for those who wish to continue, meeting three more times.

If you are interested, but the time or the March dates don’t work for you, please let me know.

The first step is a one-on-one conversation. You may send me an email (drmarilynlammert@gmail.com) or call (301.951.9645) to set up a 15-20 minute phone consultation. By asking each other questions, we can begin getting to know each other. If we decide that what you are seeking is a good fit with what I am offering, you can secure a place in the first group by sending me a check for $50, the cost of the first 2-hour group.

At the end of the first group meeting, you will decide whether you want to continue for the next three sessions. Your place in the ongoing group will be secured by giving me a check for $150 at that time. Alternatively, if you would like your payment to be spread out, you may give me three checks, each for $50, postdated for each group session. If you have difficulty with the cost and are interested, let’s talk. I require a commitment for the remaining 3 sessions to encourage group consistency and stability. The supportive process that develops from working together on a consistent basis helps members to feel safe to explore issues together.

For more details or to learn more about me, please continue to explore this website.

About Marilyn Lammert

Marilyn Lammert, ScD, LCSW-C is an experiential psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer with almost 40 years of clinical experience. She has worked with a variety of client populations in addition to being on the full time graduate social work faculty for 15 years at Washington University, University of Maryland and Catholic University. She has trained, supervised and coached all levels of mental health professionals: MSWs, PhDs, PsyDs, LPCs, and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners and is a Maryland Approved Supervisor as well as a Maryland BSWE approved Category 1 Sponsor.

Dr. Lammert has extensive training in Gestalt Therapy, a holistic, growth-oriented and relational psychotherapy. This training and her deeply rooted spirituality, combined with her early professional work in community organizations and with leading groups of all kinds throughout her career, form the foundation for her creativity and her commitment to groups learning and growing together.


Space is very limited, so early registration is recommended.


Marilyn Lammert
Marilyn Lammert
Call or write for more information or to schedule a pre-group conversation.

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