Gestalt Therapy Training Group

Gestalt Therapy Training Group Series
Marilyn Lammert, ScD, LCSW-C
Begins: TBD
MD Cat. 1 CEUs

The Gestalt Therapy Training Group Series offers the opportunity to deepen your clinical skills while enriching your personal life. It is aimed at those who would like in-depth training in Gestalt Therapy, while receiving MD Cat. 1 CEUs.

Gestalt therapy, an existentially based humanistic therapy, is burgeoning in most of Europe, Australia, Mexico, and South America. In the United States, much of what Gestalt therapy introduced from the late 1930s and 1940’s as an antidote to behaviorism and psychoanalysis, today has been integrated into many contemporary psychotherapies—e.g., the importance and usefulness of the “real” relationship, not just transference; the organismic/environmental field (ecology); the importance of awareness; and the movement from interpretation to phenomenology.

Gestalt therapy arose from Fritz and Laura Perls’ discrimination and integration of ideas from many traditions, philosophies, narratives, disciplines, and theories beginning in Germany in the 1920s. It began as a revision of the theories of Sigmund Freud’s, but has evolved into a major contributor to mainstream psychotherapy—a humanistic/existential/experiential psychotherapy in which restoration and holism replace dissection and fragmentation, and where phenomenology (personal meaning making) replaces interpretation.

(Adapted from Gestalt Therapy, Robert Resnick contributor, The SAGE Encyclopedia of Theory in Counseling and Psychotherapy, 2015.)

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About Marilyn Lammert

Marilyn Lammert, ScD, LCSW-C is an experiential psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer with over 35 years of clinical experience. She has worked with a variety of client populations in addition to being on the full time graduate social work faculty for 15 years at Washington University, University of Maryland and Catholic University. She has trained, supervised and coached all levels of mental health professionals: MSWs, PhDs, PsyDs, LPCs, and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners and is a Maryland Approved Supervisor as well as a Maryland BSWE approved Category 1 Sponsor.

Dr. Lammert has extensive training in Gestalt Therapy, a holistic, growth-oriented and relational psychotherapy. This training combined with her early professional work in community organizations and with leading groups of all kinds throughout her career, as well as her deeply rooted spirituality form the foundation for her creativity and commitment to bringing people and ideas together.

“I really enjoy the experiential nature of the group. I enjoy learning this method by participating in it. I appreciate the power of the technique to get beyond words and help decipher feelings and experiences that are difficult to access in other ways. I enjoy learning from an experienced clinician.” Liz Schnelzer, LCSW


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Marilyn Lammert
Marilyn Lammert
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