My Approach

I begin from the premise that each of us is whole from the beginning, basically good, and fundamentally healthy. Our journey is about accessing that wholeness. Whether you come to me for groups about experiential approaches, Gestalt therapy or come to me for coaching or professional consultation, we will start with what brought you, always keeping in mind what you are seeking. My approach is strengths-based, focusing on what’s right more than what’s wrong. I work collaboratively with you as a partner.

I believe that at our best, we live in the present moment with awareness, filled with curiosity and excitement for the future, at the same time cognizant of the past. Living in the present moment means being present as a person— present to our inner world and at the same time present to and curious about others and their subjective experiences.

Gestalt Therapy is my guiding theory. It synthesizes Gestalt psychology, phenomenology and existentialism, Eastern philosophy and spirituality, interpersonal psychoanalysis, and field/systems theory. I work deeply from your experience and offer creative and practical ideas as a result of this synthesis. Together, we’ll keep the big picture and your long-term goals in mind while focusing on the specific moment and issue. We will attend to the unspoken and to the spiritual (if that is your wish) with great care.

I like to learn and synthesize what I learn to understand why things might happen as they do—between people, in the world, and in myself. I am honest, direct and will support you with my experience, knowledge, true interest, and care.

My formal education, training and professional activities:

Primary Professional Activities

  • Psychotherapist & Healer (Private Practice), 1979-present
  • Supervisor & Trainer (Psychotherapy Training Groups), 2013-present
  • Coaching (Private Practice), 2010-present
  • Consultant, Center for Development/Psych Services Employee Assistance Program, 1986-2005
  • Associate Professor, National Catholic School of Social Service, The Catholic University of America, 1980-1988
  • Assistant Professor, School of Social Work and Community Planning, School of Nursing, University of Maryland, 1975-1980
  • Director, Center for Health Services, The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, 1974-1975
  • Assistant to the Dean, School of Health Services, The Johns Hopkins University, 1972-1974
  • Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, Washington University, 1970-1972
  • Community Organizer, Grace Hill Settlement House, St. Louis, MO, 1969-1970
  • Assistant Director, Division of Community Services, City of St. Louis, St. Louis, MO. 1967-1969
  • Community Organizer, Plymouth House Settlement House, St. Louis, MO. 1965-1967
  • Sixth Grade Teacher, Glen Ellyn, Illinois, 1964-1965

Education and Training

  • Continuing Education, 40 hours per year ongoing
  • Mentor Coach–Life Coaching
  • Integrated Kabbalistic Healing 2005 (350 hours intensive training)
  • Gestalt Training Center (Erving & Miriam Polster), San Diego, CA 1978 (300 hours intensive training)
  • Johns Hopkins University, ScD, Health Care, 1975
  • Washington University, MSW, 1967